Do the job right the first time with these window regulator installation tips.

Tip #1

Check Window Seals and Run Channels for excessive wear. Note: Any wear of these parts can create more friction on the glass which will cause more stress on the Window Regulator.

Tip #2

Window Run channels should be cleaned and lubricated before installing the new Window Regulator Assembly. Do not use an oil based lubricant. Silicone spray works well, as it will not ruin the rubber material over time.

Tip #3

Make sure to apply a liberal amount of grease on the slide area replacement Window Regulator. If there is not much grease present, white lithium grease is ideal for lubrication of the slide area.

Tip #4

A plastic pry tool is useful to access the Window Regulator. This will help avoid damaging the delicate trim that can easily happen with a screwdriver or a metal pry bar.

Tip #5

Use either a window holding tool or painter’s tape to secure the window glass during installation. Do not use strong adhesive tapes like duct tape, as they will leave a sticky residue and can damage the vehicle’s paint.

Tip #6

Always replace door panel retaining clips.

Tip #7

Carefully align all components. It is important to operate the window and check for binding before re-installing door panel. Make adjustments where required.

Tip #8

Aftermarket window tinting will add to the overall window thickness and can cause the window to travel slower, putting additional strain on the Window Regulator Assembly.