Follow the Interns

We would like to welcome Gage Wilkins and Brandon Kinne to the team! Over the next 10 weeks they will work throughout company departments to get a full view of how a manufacturer operates in the aftermarket industry.

Follow the Interns – Update #8: Update on New Product Development Workflow Process

Spent the past two weeks with the New Product Development Department. They asked me to find a software program that could help track the process of creating a new part and any changes made to the product. We created a workflow process map to understand the step-by-step process on how it works, as well as using it as an evaluation tools on these new programs. We found 16 programs that TrakMotive could implement and use the workflow document to determine the three best fit programs. We are scheduling a meeting later on to determine the likelihood of which one of these software programs would work best for implementation.

Follow the Interns – Update #5: Turbo Charger Research

Did market research on Turbo Chargers and were able to verify the following interesting statistics:
* Currently 30,884,533 vehicles on the road today in the USA are equipped with turbo charged engines
* Average age of vehicles with turbo charged engines is 8.1 years
* Turbos are generally need to be replaced between 80K – 120K miles
* IHS is forecasting over 33 million vehicles will be registered in the US by 2025 and 76% of those will be equipped with a turbo charger