Tech Tips

04/19: CV Axle Issues on Vehicles with Altered/Lifted Suspsensions

DOWNLOAD THE FLYER - (PDF)CV Axle Issues on Vehicles with Altered/Lifted SuspensionsIt has come to our attention that vehicles with altered (lifted) suspensions experience higher CV axle failure rates. This is because the high lift angle puts the wheel further away...

02/2019: Practical Solutions to Common CV Axle Problems

DOWNLOAD THE FLYER - (PDF)Practical Solutions to Common CV Axle ProblemsOEM Axle Bearing BracketsProblem: Some OEM axle bearing brackets are prone to failure because they are made of low-density aluminum and prone to breakage when being pressed onto a new axle...

11/2018: Addressing Subaru HD Axle OE Binding Issues

DOWNLOAD THE FLYER - (PDF) TrakMotive™ Subaru HD Axles Solve OE Binding Issues Problem: The original OE design relies on the inboard and outboard joint to provide all linear travel for the axle. However this axle design will often create a binding issue when installed...

04/2018: A Visual Look At CV Axle Joints

DOWNLOAD THE FLYER - (PDF) A Visual Look At CV Axle Joints A New CV Axle is the Best Replacement Practice to Ensure Proper Fit & Long Lasting Performance CV joint housings are typically forged from iron billets. After the joint is machined, induction heat treating...

10/2017: Top 4 Warning Signs of a Worn Window Regulator

DOWNLOAD THE FLYER - (PDF) It takes multiple presses to roll the window up or down - Under normal operation, the window is supposed to roll up or down when you press the button. Some vehicles have... Window speed is slower or faster than usual - If you press the...

4/2017: Tech Bulletin – Symptoms of a Worn or Failing Drive Shaft

DOWNLOAD THE FLYER - (PDF)   1. Intense Vibrations from Underneath the Vehicle. The most common causes of excessive vibration are worn U-joints, slip splines, out-of-balance components, yokes out of phase or misaligned angles. An excessively vibrating drive shaft...

6/2016: Tech Bulletin—CV Axle Installation Tips

DOWNLOAD THE FLYER - (PDF)   Tip #1 Prior to installation, make sure to physically match the replacement unit with the original unit. Sometimes replacement units may not appear the same as the original unit, but will function properly. Pay close attention to: a....

1/2016: Tech Bulletin—Window Regulator Installation Tips

DOWNLOAD THE FLYER - (PDF)   Do the job right the first time with these window regulator installation tips. Tip #1 Check Window Seals and Run Channels for excessive wear. Note: Any wear of these parts can create more friction on the glass which will cause more...

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