09/2023: Understanding Monobloc CV Axle Tube Technology

Sep 26, 2023 | General, Monobloc CV Axle Tech Bulletins, Product Updates, Tech Bulletins

Understanding Monobloc CV Axle Tube Technology

SUV’s and CUV’s now dominate the market today and their drivetrains are more complex with signifcantly more horsepower than just a decade ago. So, it stands to reason CV Axle technology has also evolved to handle today’s more complex, powerful drivetrains.

The Two Critical Elements to Consider:

  1. Make sure the replacement CV Axle that has been designed with the same attributes found on the original OE design. This is critical in maintaining original OE performance and dependability.
  2. Choose an axle that has been designed to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (or NVH) away from the vehicle while driving.

What Exactly is Monobloc Tube Technology?

TrakMotive’s OE Innovations CV Axles are designed to incorporate the latest axle technology including OE applications requiring one-piece monobloc center bars. The monobloc tube design can be precisely profiled to help cancel out NVH and provides the same quiet, smooth operation as the OE design.*


Weight Reduction

Increased strength in a smaller lighter diameter bar.

Strength & Durability

Monobloc tube CV Axles are designed as a single piece which helps make them stronger and more durable compared to standard CV Axles.

Vibration Reduction

The integrated design also helps minimize vibrations that can occur at joints in standard CV Axles.

Customization & Design Flexibility

Precisely profiled tube centers specific to a particular vehicle greatly reduces NVH.

Match OE Design

They are precisely designed for specific late model applications where space is limited and is required to ensure proper fitment.

Improved Sealing

The seamless design of monobloc tube CV Axles provide better sealing against contaminants such as dirt, water, and debris.

All New OE Quality Materials

Such as neoprene or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)* dust boots and stainless-steel clamps to provide better resistance to deformation, stretching, and corrosion. All the necessary hardware needed for the job is included to help eliminate the possibility of running back to the parts store a second time.

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