TrakMotive Window Regulators

Window Regulators

TrakMotive® Window Regulators utilize a special DC permanent magnet motor, driving the mechanical mechanism to move the window glass up and down freely.  Utilizing a 12V power supply (diesel 24V), window regulators are controlled by the use of a combination switch. Our Window Regulators provide occupants with convenience, comfort and reliability. We manufacturer our window regulators with an anti-pinch function, protecting you and your family.

Features & Benefits

  1. Premium Cable Sheathing eliminates cable compression
  2. Steel Capped Ends resist pull through
  3. Self-Lubricating Technology provides quiet operation, while reducing friction and abrasion to extend the lifespan of the motor
  4. Premium Quality Parts for improved reliability and durability
  5. Anti-Pinch Motor reduces risk to passengers
  6. OE Plug & Play Harnesses – No wire splicing required.

Warranty Information

Please contact the company where your product was purchased to process warranty claims.

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TrakMotive Window Regulators Advantages


08/2020: TrakMotive Introduces 23 New Numbers

As the Industry Leader We Are Proud to Introduce 23 New Numbers Providing Over 4 Million Application Opportunities TrakMotive is pleased to announce the release of 23 New numbers  which include Drive Shafts and Window regulators. These units are all in stock and ready...

07/2020: Expanded New Window Regulator Program

Expanded New Window Regulator Program TrakMotive continues its commitment in providing leading market coverage to help maximize your sales opportunities. This includes our “All New” Window Regulator program that was recently expanded to over 2,500 SKUs, covering over...

10/2016: TrakMotive Continues to Expand Product Offerings

DOWNLOAD THE FLYER - (PDF)   We have made a significant commitment to expand our product offerings to help maximize your sales opportunities. With our continued focus on long-term and sustainable product development, TrakMotive is positioned as a leading resource...

Tech Tips

10/2017: Top 4 Warning Signs of a Worn Window Regulator

It takes multiple presses to roll the window up or down - Under normal operation, the window is supposed to roll up or down when you press the button. Some vehicles have... Window speed is slower or faster than usual - If you press the window button and notice that...

1/2016: Tech Bulletin—Window Regulator Installation Tips

Do the job right the first time with these window regulator installation tips. Tip #1 Check Window Seals and Run Channels for excessive wear. Note: Any wear of these parts can create more friction on the glass which will cause more stress on the Window Regulator. Tip...

Highest Engineering Standards in the Industry

TrakMotive® Window Regulators are manufactured in our state of the art facility utilizing the highest quality materials and highest engineering standards in the industry. Our goal is to provide our customers with a window regulator that exceeds their expectations in fit form and function.