TrakMotive Premium CV Axles

New Premium CV Axles

Automotive & Light Duty Truck CV Axles

TrakMotive® Automotive CV Axles transfer power from the transmission to the drive wheels of a vehicle. They consist of a CV Joint and Drive Shaft. CV Axles are designed to work at varying angles, constant rotational speeds, without friction and play. CV Axles can be found in front wheel drive, four wheel drive and rear wheel drive vehicles, equipped with independent suspension systems.

Features & Benefits

  • All Necessary Attached Hardware & Grease Included*
  • ABS-consolidated and assembled with correct ABS ring*
  • Premium Neoprene Dust Boots
  • Stainless Steel Clamps
  • Precision Machined Solid Steel Heat Treated Center Shafts
  • Precision Rolled Splines & Threads
  • Precision Machined & Heat-Treated Cages, Races & Bearings
  • High Strength Spring Steel Retaining Clips*
  • All New Dust Rings and Guards*

*where applicable

Warranty Information

Please contact the company where your product was purchased to process warranty claims.

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03/2023: TrakMotive Teams Up With Brenton Productions

TrakMotive Teams Up With Brenton Productions on MotorTrend TV TrakMotive is pleased to recommit as a participating sponsor of Brenton Productions for the 2023-24 season and will be featured in select episodes of Truck U and All Girls Garage shows to better reach our...

12/2021: TrakMotive Continues to Expand Leading Market Coverage

TrakMotive Continues to Expand Industry Leading “First to Market” Coverage As a recognized market leader in new CV Axles and Driveshafts, TrakMotive is clearly positioned as a leading resource for our customers in the automotive and power sports markets.

05/2021: OE CV Axle Trends

What You Need to Know: Today’s vehicle drivetrain systems are far more powerful than ever before. So, you want to make sure the replacement CV Axle assembly matches the original OE design attributes to ensure quiet, dependable performance and durability.

10/2020: TrakMotive Expanded New Intermediate Shaft Program

Expanded New Intermediate Shaft Program TrakMotive continues its commitment in providing leading market coverage to help maximize your sales opportunities. This includes our new Intermediate Shaft program that has been recently expanded to 46 skus, accounting for over...

09/2020: TrakMotive Introduces 187 New Numbers

As the Industry Leader We Are Proud to Introduce 187 New Numbers Providing Over 19 Million Application Opportunities TrakMotive is pleased to announce the release of 187 New numbers which include Automotive CV Axles, ATV CV Axles, Drive Shafts and an Intermediate...

05/2020: We Don’t Take Short Cuts on OE Design Technology

Today’s technically advanced vehicles have integrated several innovative designs in CV axle technology to improve overall performance, comfort and dependability. Whether it’s the new OE flat spline design, AAR socket design or new seamless hollow tube design,...

Tech Tips

05/2020: TrakMotive Subaru HD CV Axles Solve OE Binding Issues

The Problem Developed from Original Equipment design. These CV axles rely on the inboard joint to provide all linear travel (plunge) for the CV axle. This limits the maximum angle this type of CV axle can operate at without  binding to, 23° for a tripod style and 30°...

04/19: CV Axle Issues on Vehicles with Altered/Lifted Suspsensions

CV Axle Issues on Vehicles with Altered/Lifted Suspensions It has come to our attention that vehicles with altered (lifted) suspensions experience higher CV axle failure rates. This is because the high lift angle puts the wheel further away from the differential,...

02/2019: Practical Solutions to Common CV Axle Problems

Practical Solutions to Common CV Axle Problems OEM Axle Bearing BracketsProblem: Some OEM axle bearing brackets are prone to failure because they are made of low-density aluminum and prone to breakage when being pressed onto a new axle bearing. Solution: TrakMotive...

11/2018: TrakMotive Addressing Common CV Axle Issues

Removal & Installation Issues Removal Problem: Prying and striking the axle during removal often causes the circlip to become caught and damages both the axle and transmission splines. Solution: Use a CV removal tool that attaches to a slide hammer is the best...

11/2018: Addressing Subaru HD Axle OE Binding Issues

TrakMotive™ Subaru HD Axles Solve OE Binding Issues Problem: The original OE design relies on the inboard and outboard joint to provide all linear travel for the axle. However this axle design will often create a binding issue when installed on vehicles where the...

04/2018: A Visual Look At CV Axle Joints

A Visual Look At CV Axle Joints A New CV Axle is the Best Replacement Practice to Ensure Proper Fit & Long Lasting Performance CV joint housings are typically forged from iron billets. After the joint is machined, induction heat treating is used to harden wear...

6/2016: Tech Bulletin—CV Axle Installation Tips

Tip #1 Prior to installation, make sure to physically match the replacement unit with the original unit. Sometimes replacement units may not appear the same as the original unit, but will function properly. Pay close attention to: a. Overall compressed length b. Inner...

Exceeding OEM Quality, Fit and Function

TrakMotive® Automotive CV Axles are manufactured with the highest quality materials and highest engineering standards in our state of the art manufacturing facility. Our products are designed to meet and exceed our customers expectations in fit, form and function.