TrakMotive Premium CV Axles

New Premium CV Axles

Automotive & Light Duty Truck CV Axles

TrakMotive® Automotive CV Axles transfer power from the transmission to the drive wheels of a vehicle. They consist of a CV Joint and Drive Shaft. CV Axles are designed to work at varying angles, constant rotational speeds, without friction and play. CV Axles can be found in front wheel drive, four wheel drive and rear wheel drive vehicles, equipped with independent suspension systems.

Features & Benefits

  • All Necessary Attached Hardware & Grease Included*
  • ABS-consolidated and assembled with correct ABS ring*
  • Premium Neoprene Dust Boots
  • Stainless Steel Clamps
  • Precision Machined Solid Steel Heat Treated Center Shafts
  • Precision Rolled Splines & Threads
  • Precision Machined & Heat-Treated Cages, Races & Bearings
  • High Strength Spring Steel Retaining Clips*
  • All New Dust Rings and Guards*

*where applicable

Warranty Information

Please contact the company where your product was purchased to process warranty claims.

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Exceeding OEM Quality, Fit and Function

TrakMotive® Automotive CV Axles are manufactured with the highest quality materials and highest engineering standards in our state of the art manufacturing facility. Our products are designed to meet and exceed our customers expectations in fit, form and function.