9/2017: TrakMotive Advantage – CV Axles Represent Significant Untapped Sales Potential

Sep 13, 2017 | Automotive CV Axles, Product Updates


Are you Getting your Fair Share of the CV Axle Business?
In today’s market, it is estimated the replacement market on CV Axles is one of the steadiest growing categories in the market. We expect this growth to continue in 2017-18 and into the future. Additionally, with the steady increases in SUV & All-Wheel Drive vehicles, the demand will continue to increase.

Here are a Few Interesting CV Axle Statistics/Facts
• The majority of cars on the road todays are FWD and use CV axles to transmit the power from the transmission to the wheels**
• A recent shop survey indicates the average shop does 8.3 jobs per month**
• The average repair ticket cost is $190.65**
• Most repairs only replace one axle. That’s like only replacing one caliper, shock, wiper, or strut. This is a significant missed opportunity!

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